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Rimbu API Docs

Welcome to the Rimbu API documentation! Here you will find extensive and navigable documentation for all the collection packages. All collections can be imported directly through sub-packages, however, the the @ribu/core package also exports the same collections for convenience. In most cases, importing from @rimbu/core will be sufficient.

To read how to get started with Rimbu, see the Getting Started page.

Package overview

Package NameDescription
@rimbu/bimapProvides BiMap implementations.
@rimbu/bimultimapProvides BiMultiMap implementations.
@rimbu/collection-typesA convenience package that exports all the base types for Rimbu Sets and Maps.
@rimbu/commonProvides many commonly used types and utilities that can also be of use to Rimbu users.
@rimbu/coreA convenience package that exports all of the main collections
@rimbu/deepProvides utilities to patch and match plain JavaScript objects.
@rimbu/graphProvides many types of Graph implementations.
@rimbu/hashedPprovides implementations of the HashSet and HashMap.
`@rimbu/listProvides the List implementation.
`@rimbu/multimapProvides implementations for various MultiMaps.
`@rimbu/multisetProvides implementations for various MultiSets.
`@rimbu/orderedProvides various OrderedMap and OrderedSet implementations.
`@rimbu/sortedProvides implementations for sorted maps and sets.
`@rimbu/streamProvides the Stream and AsyncStream implementations and many related utilities.
`@rimbu/tableProvides implementations for tables (2-dimensional maps).