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interface OrderedSortedSet<T>

A type-invariant immutable Ordered SortedSet of value type T. In the Set, there are no duplicate values. See the Set documentation and the OrderedSortedSet API documentation

Companion namespace: OrderedSortedSet

Type parameters

Tthe value type
  • The OrderedSortedSet keeps the insertion order of values, thus iterators and stream will also reflect this order. - The OrderedSortedSet wraps around a SortedSet instance, thus has the same time complexity as the SortedSet. - The OrderedSortedSet keeps the key insertion order in a List, thus its space complexity is higher than a regular SortedSet.
const s1 = OrderedSortedSet.empty<string>()
const s2 = OrderedSortedSet.of('a', 'b', 'c')