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interface SortedTableHashColumn<R,C,V>

A type-invariant immutable Table of row key type R, column key type C, and value type V. In the Table, a combination of a row and column key has exactly one value. See the Table documentation and the SortedTableHashColumn API documentation

Companion namespace: SortedTableHashColumn

Type parameters

Rthe row key type
Cthe column key type
Vthe value type
  • The SortedTableHashColumn uses a SortedMap to map row keys to column. - The SortedTableHashColumn uses HashMaps to map column keys to values.
const t1 = SortedTableHashColumn.empty<number, string, boolean>()
const t2 = SortedTableHashColumn.of([1, 'a', true], [2, 'a', false])